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Fidelity NFS | Data Broker | Salentica CRM
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Salentica Data Broker is able to display real-time data from your Fidelity NFS financial accounts by using your Fidelity Wealthscape user credentials. Information regarding all your Fidelity NFS custodied accounts, such as balances, summary, positions, and transactions.  See below for example screenshots of the available data, as well as noteworthy features.



*If the account is margin enabled, the lower portion of the object will show Margin Details.  Otherwise, this info is hidden to avoid clutter.


Contacts – The names of associated contacts are linked here and will launch a new window showing contact information when clicked.


Email – When available, the email account associated with the contact is displayed here.  When clicked, it will open a separate window with the email pre-loaded for contacting the contact.





Current requirements for requesting access (through Fidelity/NFS)

*The items in this section are directly from Fidelity and not written by Salentica.


Steps to request integration from Fidelity

Custody clients will submit a Wealthscape Service Request through Service Center 


For non-transmissions requests (APIs, SSO)


Wealthscape Menu > Service > Service & Workflow > Initiate Service Request > Firm Level Access Integration > Access Request > Add or Modify Access


Inquiry Type: Third Party


Fill out, sign and attach the Firm Level Access Integration Form for Integration Services (available on the Wealthscape forms library: Menu > Forms & Reference > Form Library)


instructions are included on the form 


Verify & Submit


Legal Prerequisites


Clients must have the following agreements on file in order to leverage Fintech integrations (as applicable) 



FI Services Agreement: covers the T&Cs associated with the using Fidelity technology


Attestation Amendment: amendment to Representation/Indemnification letter


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