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Data Broker is able to display data from Schwab in two ways: Persistent data (Updated with a regularly scheduled data pull, typically daily), and Real-Time data, which updates upon refresh of the window or record you’re viewing in CRM.


Let’s first discuss the data integration in more detail, then we’ll discuss the setup of the Schwab integration.


Data Integration

The Schwab persistent data integration with Salentica Data Broker allows for a daily scheduled integration run that replicates data from Schwab at the Financial Account level.  Data such as market values can be pulled into your CRM, and valuable information such as asset allocation can be calculated (proper setup of asset classes and models are required).  These values and calculations occur once daily, and a Schwab user with all accounts access is needed - check with your Schwab rep for more information on how to configure this user (Schwab resource).


The Schwab Real-Time data is accessed at a user-level (logging in with each user’s specific Schwab Advisor Center credentials) on the Financial Account records, and displays information in real-time - upon refresh - such as account alerts, transactions, positions and balances, as well as money movement.  See below for examples of this data in CRM.  Additionally, documents, Gain/Loss information, and the account profile can also be displayed.







*If the account is margin enabled, the lower portion of the object will show Margin Details.  Otherwise, this info is hidden to avoid clutter.


Move Money


Click on the Move Money button to be brought to the Move Money page in Schwab OpenView Gateway.




  1. Ensure all CRM users have the proper permissions and security setup to access all features and functionality of the integration.  This typically involves Data Broker/Skyline permissions or security roles.  Work with your support team at Salentica if you have questions on this.

  2. Set up and enroll the user for the persistent data integration.

  3. Set up real-time controls and associated browser settings for the controls. 


Note: If the integration requires credentials or authentication into the system via Data Broker, there's a chance the refresh token may expire if the integration is not scheduled to run on a recurring basis or is not manually run regularly. In this case, you may need to re-enter credentials in Data Broker to get a new, valid authentication token.

Add the following sites to Internet Explorer Trusted Sites

*Other browsers such as Chrome will inherit the trusted site profiles from Internet Explorer





Add Popup Exceptions for Certain Sites/Domains


  • *

  • Your organization’s CRM URL



Add Privacy Settings to the following:




Restart all instances of the browser for setting changes to apply


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