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Q: When does my Data Broker data update in Salentica?

A: Generally we run Data Broker at 9:30 eastern standard time. If you need to adjust this time, please enter a support ticket and we can walk you through how to make this update.


Q: What data points are available from DST FAN Mail?


Please keep in mind, all of these data points might not be mapped into your CRM, and that we frequently update the data points that are available.


Q: How do I request new data points?

A: We are constantly working with our partners to create deeper integrations. If there is a data point that you would like to have brought into the CRM, first check with DST Fan Mail to see if it is currently available. If it is available, reach out to the service team to see if we pull in that data, and how to map it into your CRM.

Data Setup

Considerations: Custodian Account Number and Portfolio Management System (PMS) Account Number are different data points within the Data Broker and should be consider as such.  The Custodian Account number is mapped for account numbers coming through the custodial integration and the PMS account number is the account number received through the integration with the Portfolio Management System.  Many times the numbers can and will be the same but each will be treated differently by the Data Broker based on the integration type.


IMEX/FAT Files. The files are fetched from DST FAN Mail.

  • Integration uses External ID as primary keys between records.


Users credentials are not stored by the Data Broker. Data Broker receives a token and refresh token when the user logs into the CRM. The token and refresh tokens are updated each time the client logs in. The refresh tokens expire after 2 weeks. When the token and refresh token expire the user will need to log in using their credentials again In order to re-establish the secure connection.

Additional Features

Aggregated Analytics

  • AUM aggregated from Financial Account to Household

  • Asset Allocation drift (Asset Class Level) against CRM Object Models

    • Model needs to be created in our/a CRM object, Data Broker will calculate drift at the PORTFOLIO level and asset allocation at the FINANCIAL ACCOUNT level based on the asset allocation provided by the user. Available asset classes:

      • Cash

      • Fixed Income

      • Equity

      • Alternatives

      • Other

Closed Accounts

Not available for DST FAN Mail


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