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Getting Started with Data Broker
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First Steps

The goal of Data Broker is to provide a connection between your third-party systems, such as a Practice Management System (PMS) or Portfolio Accounting System (PAS), and /or custodian, which allows replicated data and contextual logins within your Salentica Client Relationship Management system (CRM). Information is needed from your firm to set up the Data Broker connections. Providing this information promptly will help the setup process run smoothly. Please provide the following information to your implementation manager or project consultant:


1. Provide details of your data hierarchy in your PMS/PAS. Knowledge of the data structure within your PMS/PAS will assist Salentica in mapping your data to the CRM data hierarchy. Check the integration article for more details on the data points available through the integration:                        


Black Diamond              


Envestnet| Tamarac     

2. Provide an export of the PMS/PAS data that you expect to replicate within your Salentica CRM. The export should include custodial account numbers, any internal identification numbers, and codes such as the relationship (household) and portfolio ID numbers. An initial data load is always recommended and can prevent errors and duplications once your third-party data replicates with your CRM.

3. We highly recommend seeding data to ensure information from your third-party systems appears in the CRM as you intend it to. Seeding a small amount of data can allow you to test the daily integration into CRM. This seeding data can come from either:

a. A subsection of your data export from the PMS, and/or

b. A record-restricted user for Data Broker.

4. Check with your custodian for instructions on allowing 3rd parties (specifically Salentica/CRM) access to your data. The custodian may require authorization forms or a specific setup to enable a connection with the CRM. 

5. Provide the contact information for your contacts at the third-party systems. This will ensure that Salentica can work directly with third-party systems for technical considerations. 

Other Items to Consider

Review the Salentica data hierarchy for Elements and Engage.

Learn about the Data Normalization Process (PMS Specific) including real-time vs. persistent data here.

Become familiar with the data points available for your selected integrations. If data in your other systems exist that are critical to your CRM, be prepared to discuss options for that data with your Implementation Project team here at Salentica. 

Be prepared to discuss and decide how your existing PMS data will feed into your new CRM.

  • Do you have financial accounts under multiple households or client relationships, or strict 1:1 relationships?
    • If so, there's likely a bit of cleanup to be done to avoid issues feeding data into your CRM.
  • Are there reporting groups or other records you want to exclude from the data feed?

These are just a few considerations you'll want to be prepared for as you transition to your new CRM. Feel free to discuss all these items and more with your Implementation Project Manager or Relationship Manager here at Salentica.



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