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Introduction to Data Broker
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Salentica Data Broker facilitates rapid deployment of integrations to enable advisors to manage their business on the Salesforce and Microsoft CRM platforms and gain a 360° view of their client. Advisors using a Salesforce or Microsoft CRM solution can quickly deploy Salentica’s Cloud-based Data Broker by following some simple configuration instructions. This removes the need to adapt a provider’s special CRM configuration or hire programmers to build custom integrations to providers’ interfaces. With Salentica Data Broker, only one package needs to be installed and maintained in a firm’s CRM to be able to provide access to real-time custodian information as well as portfolio management and financial planning data that a firm relies on to service their clients. Updates to the integrations required by Salentica or the provider of the data are deployed to the Salentica Data Broker, as a result, reducing the need for frequent updates to the client’s CRM.

Flexible architecture built for the future

Salentica Data Exchange Service, which is part of the Salentica Data Broker Platform, provides the ability for a firm to map the data from a data source into their CRM. The Data Exchange Service eliminates the issues and conflicts created when fields are hard coded to the target CRM. The Salentica Data Broker enhances firm password security by eliminating the need to provide and maintain login credentials for multiple 3rd parties that require access to their CRM. The Salentica Data Broker acts as a trusted platform between the client’s CRM and the 3rd party data source with only one set of credentials being stored securely in the Salentica Data Broker. The Salentica Data Broker is reviewed by external data security firms to ensure it provides a trusted integration platform.


Salentica Data Broker: A Single Integration Platform for Wealth Management

A prime example of a cloud-based integration platform built for the wealth management industry is Salentica Data Broker, a SS&C Salentica solution. Because client data resides in multiple systems, both within and outside of a firm, integration is critical to ensure consistency of client data across all the applications in which it is used. Salentica Data Broker enables firms to achieve secure integration quickly and easily among their CRM, portfolio management and custodial platforms. With full data transport, mapping and transformation capabilities, Salentica Data Broker delivers a 360o view of the client relationship through the CRM platform.


Salentica Data Broker incorporates pre-built integrations with a growing list of leading custodians for real-time data feeds, eliminating the need to build and maintain multiple discrete interfaces. It is also pre-configured for widely used portfolio management solutions. Data from the portfolio management system flow into the CRM automatically – either scheduled or on demand. With Salentica Data Broker, users can quickly view up-to-the-second positions, holdings and transactions in any client account, all through the CRM interface. Salentica Data Broker also makes it possible to export CRM data directly into financial planning solutions, which eliminates duplicate data entry into two different systems. This results in fewer errors and increased scalability within the firm.


Ultimately, Salentica Data Broker reduces the risks associated with maintaining redundant data in multiple systems. Even something as simple as an address change poses a risk of inconsistent data among systems. With Salentica Data Broker, a change made in one system is immediately reflected across the integrated ecosystem.


Though part of the SS&C Salentica suite of CRM solutions, Salentica Data Broker is available as a stand-alone platform and supports third-party CRM systems, which include the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce platforms, including Financial Services Cloud. Salentica Data Broker also leverages the Microsoft Azure platform, ranked by Gartner, a leading technology, research, and advisory company.


Integration is one more avenue for wealth management firms to gain a competitive edge. A cloud-based integration platform makes it easier and more cost-effective to implement integrations that ensure the integrity of data across multiple systems. By bringing together client data from CRM, custodial, and portfolio management platforms, Salentica Data Broker helps firms drive greater operational efficiency, better informed decisions and world-class client service.

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