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Q: When does data update in Salentica?

A: Generally we run Data Broker at 9:30 eastern standard time. If you need to adjust this time, please enter a support ticket and we can walk you through how to make this update.


Q: What data points are available from Orion?


Please keep in mind, all of these data points might not be mapped into your CRM, and that we frequently update the data points that are available.


Q: How do I request new data points?

A: We are constantly working with our partners to create deeper integrations. If there is a data point that you would like to have brought into the CRM, first check with Orion to see if it is currently available. If it is available, reach out to the service team to see if we pull in that data, and how to map it into your CRM.


Q: How does Orion's hierarchy differ from Engage?

A:  Orion uses a nonstandard data hierarchy to group accounts: Households > Registrations > Accounts > Assets

There may be some confusion between the Household level and the Registration level from Orion. In Orion’s, there is one head of Household. So let's say Joe and Jane Smith are the Household. Only Joe’s contact information will be stored as he is the head of Household. Within the Household, there can be several Registrations. So Joe and Jane may each have their own individual Registrations under the Household, with separate Accounts under those Registrations.


Our data hierarchy at Salentica is as follows: Relationship (Households) > Portfolios > Legal Entities (Registrations) > Financial Accounts. Currently, Data Broker maps Orion’s Household to our Relationships, Registrations to our Portfolios and Accounts to Financial Accounts.

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