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SS&C|Advent has two Portfolio Management Systems, Axys, and APX, that can send data to Data Broker. Advent and APX are "on-prem" solutions and are not cloud or web-based. They are installed on a local machine/virtual machine/server on the firm's network and are not publicly accessible. Data Broker consumes information from Axys/APX to be loaded into a CRM tool. Currently, Data Broker loads the data into Elements, Engage, or your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics instance. Once the data is extracted from Axys/APX it s mapped to fields within the CRM that were set up during the Implementation process. 


The available data points include:

Data Broker does not create households/Relationships. Relationships will need to be created and initial mapping for accounts to relationships needs to be done manually.


Custodian Account number and Portfolio Management System (PMS) Account Number are different data points within Data Broker and should be considered as such. The Custodian Account Number is mapped for the account numbers coming through the custodial integration. The PMS account number is the account number received through the integration with the Portfolio Management System. Many times the numbers can and will be the same but each will be treated differently by Data Broker based on the integration type. 


Please keep in mind, that all of these data points might not be mapped into your CRM, and that we frequently update the available data points.

Introducing the Advent Connector for Salentica Data Broker

The Advent Connector for Salentica Data Broker (the Connector) is a purpose-built application, co-developed by Advent and Salentica, which will allow on-premise or AOS-hosted users of Advent Axys or Advent APX to push a daily feed of financial data to their CRM. 


The Connector software gets installed on a client-side machine that has the Advent client tools (ie, the REP32 reporting application) installed. It uses Advent standard reports and macros to generate a data extract, which is then securely uploaded to Salentica's Data Broker integration platform for processing. 


The Data Broker will then use existing credentials and mapping information to load the Advent data into the CRM database.


Note: If the integration requires credentials or authentication into the system via Data Broker, there's a chance the refresh token may expire if the integration is not scheduled to run on a recurring basis or is not manually run regularly. In this case, you may need to re-enter credentials in Data Broker to get a new, valid authentication token.

Assumptions & Prerequisites

Minimum Versions

This software has been tested on and is supported for the platforms listed below:


Platform                   Minimum Supported Versions

Advent Axys                      3.8.6


Advent APX                      15.2/16.1/16.2/17.1


Salentica Data Broker     2.8 or 3.8


Client-Side Workstation or Server

The Connector is a 32-bit Windows application. It must be installed on a Windows (32 or 64-bit) operating system (Win 7 or Win 10 recommended).


Because the Connector can be scheduled to run unattended or at pre-defined daily frequencies, the machine that will host the Connector should, ideally, be a machine that is always powered on. 


The machine where the Connector will be installed must have the Advent Client Tools (ie REP32.exe) installed. The Connector uses the REP32 engine to extract data, and also uses some RepLang scripting and macros.


The user installing the Connector software should be a member of the machine's Local Administrators group.

See this article for the Connector installation instructions. 

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