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Valuation Date
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When using Data Broker to replicate data from a third-party system, Salentica will show a Valuation Date for your reference. This date lets you know when the account/portfolio data was last updated through the Data Broker integration.  The Valuation date will not be the current date because the custodial data flows in this order:


1. Data is updated in the Custodial System.

2. Custodial files are sent to the Portfolio Management System/Portfolio Accounting System (PMS/PAS) either overnight or early in the morning from the previous market day.

3. PMS/PAS reconciles that data and posts to the appropriate financial accounts, portfolios, households, etc.

4. Data Broker runs after reconciliation at the PMS/PAS, and updates records in your CRM. The Valuation Date is now a day behind the custodial data. 


On Mondays, the data will show three calendar days behind for Friday's data. Holidays may also impact the Valuation date, causing a previous date to show. 


The Valuation Date field is a calculated field, meaning it is updated by the system and cannot be manually changed by system users. If there is no date in this field the data has not been updated.


Common Reasons Your Valuation Date Has Not Updated

  • Data Broker does not update over the weekend or on holidays
  • The Data Broker job may have run before the PMS system reconciliation is completed. Or custodial files may not have been updated at the PMS/PAS system
  • No market value change. This is possible with a cash-only account or with bond values that do not update daily
  • A Closed Date has been added to the respective record on the PMS (Relationship, Portfolio, or Financial Account)
  • The Data Broker user no longer has access to the records in the PMS/PAS system


If your Valuation Date is not updating as expected or is blank, you may need to check your Data Broker logs for errors or rerun your Data Broker job. If this doesn't help, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Support Team via a support ticket

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