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Upgrade Skyline for Data Broker on Dynamics 365
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To upgrade to the Dynamics 365 Skyline for Data Broker package, you must enter a ticket to the Service Team.

Please choose the category of Data Broker - Update Mappings for the ticket.


Import the New Solution

Log into the environment you would like to upgrade, specifically logging in as System Administrator.

1. Click Settings

2. Click Advanced Settings

3. On the new window/tab, click Settings > Solutions

4. Verify you have an earlier version of Salentica Skyline installed, then click Import

5. Click Choose File

6. Select the Skyline Solution you downloaded/received from the Salentica Team

7. Click Next

8. Click Next again

9. Make sure the following options are selected:


a. Maintain customizations (recommended)

b. Enable any SDK message processing steps included in the solution 

10. Click Import. The solution will start importing. This step will take about 30 minutes to complete, so enjoy your coffee or tea!

11. Once the import is complete, the summary screen will appear. The yellow bar at the top will read "completed with warning." If another message appears here, please contact Salentica Support. Click Close.

Publish the New Solution

12. You will return to the Solutions screen and the Skyline row will show the new version. To complete the update, click the Publish All Customizations button. Wait for the process to complete before testing new features. 

Congratulations! You have updated to the latest version of Salentica Skyline for Data Broker.

Next Steps: Use this article to learn how to incorporate the Consolidated Buttons into Dynamics 365.

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