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Data Broker - Modestspark
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Modestspark is a lightweight client engagement portal that provides a digital front-end experience for any Portfolio Accounting or Management system to empower Wealth Managers and Investment Advisors. Modestspark makes self-service information available online, improving your customers' experience. Securely request and share files from a branded client portal. Modestspark creates an operationally efficient way to communicate with your clients. 


Modestspark matches user appeal with client-specific relevance to improve wealth reporting through data visualizations, document management, and an intuitive experience for non-technical users. This results in an improved overall client experience without large technical or capital commitments. Data flows in from the portfolio management system to show important information about clients' portfolios and accounts including allocation, top holdings, AUM over time, and even performance information at the portfolio and account level. No need to bulk upload the data, which saves your team valuable time. 

Customize to your Firm

Below is a sample of a client's view of a portfolio summary. You can customize the logo and color palette to fit your schema, customize the URL to include your firm's name, as well as determine the details your clients see when they log in to the portal. You control the narrative so clients only see data points relative to the way you manage assets.

Prepare Client Reports

In addition to displaying portfolio data, Modetspark includes reporting capabilities where you can build reports to show clients the data from the portal in a paginated format. Also, see a history of reports that have been created for your clients. 

Share Documents

In addition to displaying portfolio data and creating reports, Modestspark offers you and your clients a secure two-way document center. Here you can securely share documents, eliminating the risk associated with emailing sensitive documents. Modestspark can actually be used as only a Document Center without displaying portfolio data. 


Modestspark's simplicity of use and straightforward feature set will become an invaluable tool for your firm. The portal allows you to deliver critical but not overwhelming information for clients, safely and securely exchange sensitive documentation, and centralize your firm contact details and communication channels for ease of access.

Accessing Modestspark from the CRM

Accessing your portal is quick and easy! You don't need to leave the CRM or worry about finding the right website to log in and view your Modestspark data. Just click a button! When the SSO button component is added to the page layout, a login prompt will authenticate directly to Modestspark. 

Note: Your Modestspark data stays secure! The SSO credentials required are user-specific, not organization-wide. Security permissions are inherited from Modestspark; if the user is not permissioned to view the account or portfolio in Modestspark, the user will not be able to access the record(s) through the Modestspark button. 


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