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Data Broker Black Diamond Release Update 2022
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We are pleased to announce our latest updates to Data Broker for Black Diamond functionality. Now, it's easier than ever to get to your Black Diamond information and replicate data from the CRM to Black Diamond! For ease of use, you can access all of your Black Diamond functionality in one place. The new Consolidated buttons will replace individual SSO and hyperlinks and will allow contextual logins, the creation of relationships from the CRM to Black Diamond, and posting CRM activities to the Black Diamond Timeline. Check out the details of the new buttons below!

Black Diamond SSO Button

See the Black Diamond information you need, quickly and easily. You don't have to leave the CRM to see Black Diamond information. No need to lose your place in the CRM. Log into Black Diamond, in context, from the CRM. No need to find the right website to log into, just push a button. When the component is added to the page layout, a login prompt will authenticate directly to Black Diamond. The portfolio-level SSO button will take you to Client View, filtered to the portfolio you are viewing in the CRM. The financial account-level SSO button will take you to Client View, filtered to the selected account. If an account belongs to multiple portfolios, then you will be prompted to select a portfolio before being directed to Client View. 


Note: Your Black Diamond data will stay secure! Credentials are user-specific and separate from the Salentica bulk data user. Security permissions are inherited from Black Diamond; if the user is not permissioned to view the account or portfolio in Black Diamond, they will not be able to access the records through the SSO button. 

Upload Household Button

Cut down on your time and operational effort to replicate data between your two systems! Now you can create a new relationship and update existing relationships in the CRM and with the push of a button, create or update the same new relationship in Black Diamond. The button will prompt each user to authenticate to Black Diamond using their Black Diamond credentials. In the CRM, on the relationship object, this button will create a new Black Diamond relationship using the data from the CRM. Data points that will transfer from the CRM to Black Diamond:


  • Relationship Name
  • Salentica Data Broker ID
  • Termination Date
  • Inception Date
  • Valuation Date


We recommend managing all data points from the CRM with the exception of the Valuation Date coming from Black Diamond. 


Users will require full access to the Client Setup > Client Relationships in Black Diamond to create a new relationship within Black Diamond. Also, the Data Upload option must be activated by our Service Team in the Admin Console.


Post to Timeline Button

You can now save time by creating Activities in CRM and then posting them to the client's Timeline in Black Diamond, in just a few steps. With the new interactive process, on CRM activities, this button will prompt each user to authenticate to Black Diamond. Once logged in, a window will launch an interactive process that will create a Black Diamond Timeline post using the subject and description from the CRM Activity information.  You will be brought to the Black Diamond Timeline Post Editor where the Title and Content section will be filled in with the Subject and Description from the CRM Activity on the Timeline post. You can then complete the settings for your post. The CRM description is plain text, but you can format the text in the Black Diamond Timeline Post Editor.


Users will require Full Access to Client Experience > Timeline in Black Diamond to create Timeline Posts. Also, the Data Upload option must be activated by our Service Team in the Admin Console. 




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